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Lemon Poppy Pearl Softening Skin Polisher

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5 Star Testimonials

"A Must Have !!!!!" 
I purchased this [Citrus Silk Moisturizer] enchanting product a week ago. I must say that after the first use, my skin was noticeably different!! For the first time it felt hydrated... and what was even more interesting was that at the end of the day my skin retained moisture!!!! It leaves a silky feel and smells gorgeous. It glides on the skin leaving no greasy residue. I will not want to run out of this at all!

Althea T.

"[Fresh Mint] Scrub"
Easily the best scrub I’ve ever used! I use it every morning on my face, and I haven’t stop receiving compliments since. Everyday someone has something new and kind to say about my skin, I love it!

Neil S.

"Lemon Poppy Pearl"
This Scrub is amazing! It instantly brightens my skin!

Paige P.

"Best [Bella] BOX EVER!"
I don't know where to begin! I am in love with the new concept of the bundle boxes. You are seeing them everywhere. The Bella Box is by far my favorite!! With other bundles you don't necessarily know what you're going to get and you may only use 1 or 2 items from the box. As for Bella Opulence, I had a chance to see exactly what I was going to get and pick which one I wanted. Which was the Lavender box... all of my favorites in one box??!! WIN WIN! Thank you Bella Opulence!

Andrea C.