The Busy Mom's Skincare Guide to Back to School

The kids go back to school this month! “Yay” you say! The grocery bill will decrease and you are happy to have them back on a schedule, but back to school also means sports, plays, and extracurricular activities. When will you ever have time for yourself?

Below are 6 tips to take care of yourself and your skin from your hairline down to the soles of your feet. Prepare now and you will have a mastered routine that will become a flow through habit for the next 10 months. Best of all? Your mom friends will ask you why you have no bags under your eyes and why you are glowing. “That’s impossible” she will think, “our kids are both in dance and football, and she runs a small business…” Share these tips with her and she will be eternally grateful.

The Busy Mom's Skincare Guide to Back to School

Your skin will thank you and you will look like master mom fully alive and awake. You go superwoman! Just because you rarely get any sleep doesn’t mean you have to look like you haven’t slept since 1999.


Beauty Tips for the Active Woman

Wash your makeup off EVERY NIGHT.
Sleeping in makeup clogs your pores, creates premature aging, and can contribute to blemishes and acne. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser and finish with a gentle exfoliant once per week such as the hydrating Petal Lip and Face scrub new from Bella Opulence. This flower and nutrient packed scrub will leave your skin smooth and dewy. Normal to combination skin? No moisturizer needed. Dry skin? Follow up with Silk.

Create a night time routine that allows you to unwind. When you just “hit the sheets”, no matter how tired your body is, it can be hard to shut your mind off. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour. Bath/ shower time is a great way to shut down. Incorporate scents such as mint, lavender (mint and lavender is a customer favorite combination!), and vanilla that stimulate melatonin to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

The Busy Mom's Skincare Guide to Back to School Blog Post

Take at least one hour for yourself each day. 
Starting out this may be your 30 minute unwind routine, and a 30 minute wake up routine. Before your husband and the kids wake up take some time to gather your day and meditate. If you bathe in the morning try Lemon Poppy Pearl Exfoliator and Citrus Silk Moisturizer to energize you. Have your favorite cup of coffee and tea.  This morning routine will allow you to gain clarity about your day, and map out your plan. There will be a peace over you all day because this gives you a grip on things. No more frantic rushing.


Wake up with bags under your eyes?
Pop 2 spoons in the freezer for at least 10 minutes (the longer the better). Once cold place the backs of the spoons under your eye and sweep from your nose outward several times to reduce the puffiness and redness. Don’t have 10 minutes? This works with an ice cube in a plastic bag as well. Do this before makeup.

The Busy Mom's Skincare Guide to Back to School Blog Post

Squeezing a workout into that busy day?
Give your pores a deep clean post workout with Fresh Mint Pearl. Mint is an astringent that instantly cools you off. Mint also clears your nasal passages and respiratory tract from mucus buildup from that extra helping of cake and ice cream in the break room from your co-workers birthday. No judgment.


Drink water.
Get your 8+ glasses in! Remaining hydrated is not only great for your digestion and internal organs, but also ensures your largest organ and barrier to danger (your skin) is functioning properly and remains supple, smooth, and plump.


What do you do to master your mom routine?  

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