From Lifeless Skin to Youthful Vitality with One Ingredient

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What makes lifeless skin glow from within with youthful vitality? Can ageing skin produce collagen again and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines? Can you really be protected from free radicals and microbials? Is there a flower that can possibly revive dry and chapped skin to feel baby soft? Yes, yes, and YES! It is all possible with a golden flower called Calendula and I have a mild obsession with it. :)

Calendula officianalis or pot Marigold or Calendula received its name as a flower that is in bloom on calends- the first day of every month. In ancient times it was used to heal burns and blemishes of the skin, heal injury due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and boost the immune system. In ancient times it was used to relieve pain. The golden petals were also worn as ornaments because of its rich beautiful color.

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Calendula contains essential compounds and natural restorative properties that soothe inflammation and aid in new tissue formation. The flower heals and repairs dry and damaged skin; restores skin to youthful glow; and fights visible signs of aging (because it produces collagen!)  while protecting against environmental stressors. It will keep you unlined and blemish free. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive and even brand new baby skin. Calendula can be found in many diaper creams as it heals wounds and rashes and repairs the skin. It also can return troubled skin to baby soft skin. 

The extract of its golden petals is rich in a variety of organic compounds, including glycosides (simple sugars that induce collagen formation), saponins (detergent-like cleanser that foams and has works with estrogen for healthy skin), as well as other powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant (keeps you cancer free) compounds.

Bella Opulence Calendula Blog Post

Most of all, Calendula gives your skin's appearance a boost! It aids in blood flow to the skin cells which keeps them active and regenerating, while the antioxidants provide an extra layer of protection. Together, that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and sun damage, and even the visibility of scars. With topical Calendula use, your skin tone will glow from within with youthful vitality!

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This is one of my favorite infused oils! Once it is ready, it is a rich golden yellow color and it smells like honey! This is what makes Lemon Poppy Pearl smell like Pound Cake. The lemon essential oil blends beautifully with the sweet honey scent. Find Calendula infused oil in our Radiant Skin Collection of Lemon Poppy Pearl and Silk Moisturizer.


Is calendula in your skin care routine?

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