Tricks and Treats: How to Survive Halloween

Halloween is the start to the season when our beloved clean routine is at the peak of the roller coaster. We have climbed slowly this far all year when suddenly… whoosh! We are pushed off and begin accelerating downhill at rapid pace of thoughtless decisions. After Halloween there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, all the parties in between then 10-25 lbs later and blemished skin, a New Year’s resolution of fitness is #1 on the list, and a better skincare routine is a close second. Sound familiar? This year, let’s stop that DEAD in its tracks! (See what I did there? Haha!) 


Bella Opulence Tricks and Treats for a Clean [Eating] Halloween


So how do you keep your holiday clean so your skin and your health are not affected? Let’s face it.. there will be fun! It is officially party season, and I mean all of America parties! October – January spell PARTY. Here are a few ideas. 

Face Paint
Whether you are going to a party or taking the kids out, find a clean alternative to toxic face and body paints. Make your own with a cornstarch and water base. The base can be used as white paint. Use activated charcoal powder for black, beetroot powder for red, turmeric for yellow, matcha for green. And viola! You have the colors you want and no allergic reactions/ redness or irritation tomorrow. 

You have seen the commercials. The big brands know what time it is, but be strong! Resist! I know Halloween is non-existent without candy so give children natural candy with less sugar if you can. Besides a whopping 3 teaspoons of sugar in a fun sized candy bar, it can also contain artificial colors that are linked to cancer. If you have already stocked up, give it all away. Any leftover candy means that you eat it! Stay away from the candy in the break room and at the receptionist desk. HR is also a danger zone. And for those of you who have a bowl of candy on your desk in your office... no words. 

Sugar overload causes breakouts and blemishes on your face and body or even worse- sugar is the fuel yeast needs to spread through the body and has been linked to yeast infections. Overload also can cause colds and can accelerate the flu because sugar weakens your cells that fight off bacteria. 

 Bella Opulence Tricks and Treats for a Clean [Eating] Halloween

I hear your thoughts. You are inwardly saying, “I only do this once a year what’s the harm? One binge day won’t hurt.” My friend that makes it worse! If you are a clean eater most of the time, you will send you body into shock and be even more susceptible to the above. Whenever I have a sugar binge it is written all over my face and chest the next day in blemishes. Tattle tale. 

Sugar Detox 
Ok you’re not convinced. Yeah yeah, I hear you promising yourself that you won’t have another cheat day until Thanksgiving. But just in case you fall off into the deep end face down full speed into a belly flop, there are a few things you do to get back on track.

1. Cut sugar cold turkey! Sugar is addictive; one taste will guarantee you will crave more. When you have a craving, reach for almonds instead and eat them one by one. You will get sick of chewing and the magnesium that sparked the chocolate craving is also in almonds and will satisfy you.

2. Drink lots of water to flush out your system. This will help with the blemishes.Use a sea salt scrub to detox as well for severe acne and blemishes.

3. Don’t deprive yourself, replace sugar with something else. I recommend green smoothies, fresh squeezed/ cold pressed juices, and natural cacao powder. Cacao, peanut butter, banana, in a protein smoothie tastes just like a peanut butter cup!


Are you up to the challenge of a Clean Halloween?


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