Cleopatra’s Secrets Volume II: The Beauty Ingredient from the Sea

What ingredient is anti- aging, softening, and gives your skin a boost instantly? Let us return to our favorite ancient queen for the secret of the week. Aside from Roses, another one of her favorites was sea salt. I am sure she used it to flavor her food, but she also kept a handy supply for her beauty routine. She understood the benefits of sea salt for skin. Perhaps Cleopatra knew that bacteria cannot live in a salt rich environment! Sea salt is the byproduct of evaporated seawater and is absolutely essential for the human body inside and out. It has a composition of many minerals that are great for the skin. It absorbs and removes toxins, reduces inflammation, and so much more! It is a fantastic way to keep your skin balanced and hydrated especially in the frigid cold weather and drying hot sun.

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Sea Salt Benefits


Contains vital minerals needed for cellular health
Traces of Potassium can be found in sea salt and is an electrolyte that balances water levels aiding in moisturizing skin. Manganese is a hydrating mineral that binds to water. The higher the magnesium content, the more moisturizing which improves skin elasticity. Dead Sea salts are rich in magnesium. This miracle ingredient also can contain traces of titanium and Zinc which have skin softening and acne reducing properties.


pH Balancing
Sea salt is a detox for skin that blasts bacteria that causes [body] acne, breakouts and blemishes. It also balances oil production and overactive sebaceous glands.


Anti -Aging
Sea Salt prevents the skin from dehydrating. As we age, skin becomes dry. Sea salt restores moisture leaving skin supple and plump, filling in lines and wrinkles. The minerals contained in sea salt also restarts cell to cell communication which tends to slow with age. This is what causes dry and thinning skin.


How to Use Sea Salt for Your Skin

Massaging a sea salt body scrub onto damp skin is a great way to activate all of its power. It is coarse enough to gently remove dead skin, and the minerals transfer onto the skin when activated by water. Detox your body and remove the dirt, oil, soap scum, and impurities that have collected on your skin. Try Pure Rose Pearl for a mix of Cleopatra’s favorites: sea salt and rose.

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Bathe in it.
Our Milk Bath contains Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) which moisturizes the skin. The higher the concentration of magnesium in salt, the more it improves skin elasticity and hydrates. It also penetrates deeply to wrap around sore muscles and relieves them. Try Our Pure Rose Cream Milk Bath Soak which contains other skin loving ingredients such as oats and rose oil.


For Psoriasis in the scalp or severe dandruff:
Use a sea salt toner on your scalp before washing your hair. Make a super saturated solution of sea salt and water: ¼ cup of sea salt minimum to 16 ounces of water. Place in a bottle with a nozzle at the end for easy application. Apply to scalp and gently massage in the solution concentrating on your flaky and sensitive areas. Wash and condition hair as normal.

Pro Tip: Place the remainder of the sea salt toner solution in a small spray bottle to keep in your purse in case your flakes return before your next wash. Spray on your scalp in the trouble areas. Over time it will clear up completely.


*NOTE: Sea salt applied topically will not increase blood pressure. Most hypertension is related to an excess of sodium consumed through processed foods. Sea salt used on the skin and even eaten in moderation on meats, fruits, and vegetables is healthy, flavorful and detrimental for the body because of its nutrient content. Get rid of the processed foods and you get rid of disease. Sea salt is your friend.  –Dr. Allison

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