The First Step to "Going Green" in 2019

So you resolved to go green and live a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations! I am very excited and have come here today to show you how to keep that excitement and momentum. The way to do that is to start smart.

The easiest and smartest way to go green is to start in segments. Choose one area of your lifestyle to change at a time. For example: in skincare, you can choose body products first. Then move on to facial, makeup, deodorant etc. Once you are comfortable there, move on to household products, food, everyday items, incontinence and on and on. This may sound overwhelming, but it is easier than you think! The base of living a clean/ organic/ greener lifestyle is knowing what is in your product and what to stay away from.

When I changed my lifestyle, I started with food and my diet. I made sure my food had no pesticides, hormones, that it was real, and not made in a lab (non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms- watch out! Vegetables like soybeans and corn are GMO). Reading these food labels and understanding them is what let me to read the product label of everything that I was coming into contact with. Even air freshener. Goodbye Glade! If I could not find ingredients on the label, I did not touch it. What are they hiding in there?

Choosing Clean Products Bella Opulence


The First Step
Reading and understanding product labels is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Also pay attention to what you are allergic to. After switching off of some items, you may notice a drastic increase in your health. This could be because of an allergy to an ingredient. Until you isolate the specific ingredient, it is best to stay away from the product as a whole. Below are the general things to stay away from when choosing to purchase specific items.

Meat: No hormones added, no growth hormones, non-GMO, look for grass fed and lean
Vegetables: No pesticides non-GMO, no added unnecessary ingredients. If buying canned goods the ingredients should list the vegetable and water, maybe salt and that’s it!
Packaged Foods: For the first step, shop the outside of the grocery store. Packaged foods contain way too many artificial ingredients, colorants, and unnecessary ingredients to make them last while they sit for you on the shelf. Just stay away. 

No aluminum zirconium! This is linked to breast cancer in men and women!

Skincare/ Body Care Products
Unfortunately this list is exhaustive! Read here for a breakdown of absolute no-no’s and why.

Choosing Clean Products Bella Opulence Blog

No heavy metals like aluminum, parabens, “fragrance”, artificial coloring, petroleum/petrolatum… If there are manufactured chemical compounds that are at least 4 syllables and you have no idea what they are, please research them and if you do not like the results of what you found, stay away!

Incontinence/ Toilet Paper/ Paper Towels
These items are usually bleached to become white. The bleach releases chemicals that disrupt a woman’s hormones and can cause cancer. Choose unbleached, chlorine free, or “naturally whitened” if brown paper towels and toilet paper make you uneasy. Paper comes from trees. Trees are usually brown. Just saying… 

Cleaning products
The first step here is to choose products that have an ingredient list on the label. This is how the clean products separate themselves from the harmful. You shouldn’t have to call a 1-800 number to receive the full ingredient list.


How are you starting your clean 2019? Comment below!


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