Be Genuinely Happy in 3 simple Steps + Our Bella-Versary!

2 Year Bella-Versary

This March we turned 2 years old and kicked off the month in Baltimore at Virtue in Christ (which was our inaugural event back in 2016, tear!), popped- up in South Moon Under in Alpharetta, GA for Ladies Night, and tomorrow we will wrap 10 Days of Free Gifts- but don’t worry you can get your free gift with purchase today and tomorrow plus the online store is 20% off until the end of the month!



Coming up this Month 

Are you someone who needs to try before you buy? Find Bella Opulence at these fantastic events:

  •  eWomen Networking Luncheon 3/22/18 Atlanta, GA 
  • Black Queens Conference 3/23/18 Atlanta, GA
  • Pop-up Shop: West Elm Atlantic Station  3/24/18 Atlanta, GA
  • W.A.L.L. Lunch and Learn 3/25/18 Atlanta, GA
  • 2018 Operation Hope Global Forum (Allison Only 🙂) 3/27/18 - 3/28/18 Atlanta, GA
  • 33rd Annual Church of Christ Ladies Lectureship Retreat 3/29/18 - 4/1/18  New Orleans, LA

International Day of Happiness is March 20, 2018

3 Simple Ways to be Happy

 1. Be Thankful (and Count your Blessings) 

 Simple example: How often do you genuinely respond with a “thank you” after receiving a compliment? If someone tells you that your shirt is so cute and you have great fashion sense, are you A or B?

A: “This old thing? I got it for half off at the thrift store and I’ve had it for 20 years. It’s really nothing special.” 


B: “Thank you so much! [Insert return compliment here]”

This may seem small, but your brain registers these reactions in a big way! The first reaction (A) rejects the compliment and tells your brain that you in fact do not have good fashion sense and that you do not deserve to be complimented. You beat up on yourself a little there. Think you will receive a compliment from that person again? The second reaction (B) puts a warm smile on your face and a warm glow in your heart. You are thankful for the compliment and have reciprocated the behavior making the other person feel warm and fuzzy inside as well. 

 Count your blessings: When things go wrong in your life and everything turns upside down at the same time, how long are you sad and discouraged? This is necessary for healing, but at some point you must grab onto hope, look for the lesson, be thankful for it (count it as a blessing, for everything happens for a reason), apply it, and mature from the situation. Don’t mildew.

2. Look for the Positive in Every Situation

 It has rained so much in Atlanta that I have called it Seattle, GA. I love and crave the sun! It is absolutely my favorite vitamin supplement. I felt my mood begin to shift into doom and gloom and then I realized the rain is just as beautiful as the sun. The rain produces beautiful lush colorful flowers, trees and grass. All sun and no rain is the desert. Balance is key- and it is especially key with your mindset. If you seek the worst of every situation, you bet you will get it. When you seek the positive in every situation, your days are smoother and you will be happy and peaceful for no reason!

3. Tap. Out.

Take a walk in the sunshine, read your favorite book, have a nice bath… read your favorite book in the bath with the sun beaming in on you- your choice! Take some time for yourself. An hour without you in the week, and the world will not stop. When you take time for yourself, you reduce your stress level. Recharging allows you to give the best possible version of yourself to those around you. Blemishes on your skin can also be a direct tell of stress. A moment away from it all can produce an instant radiant glow.


Happiness is personal. Resolve today to be happy not just on the 20th of March, but every day.

Scents of Happiness found in Bella Opulence

Lemon Essential Oil

  • Happiness
  • Concentration
  • Good Mood
  •  Calms the Nervous System
  • Fights Anxiety

Found in Lemon Poppy Pearl Softening Skin Polisher 

Lemongrass + Bergamot Essential Oil

  • Alertness
  •  Joy
  • Contentment
  • Creativity
  • Focus
  • Performance

 Found in Citrus Silk All Over Body Moisturizer


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