How to Brighten, Tighten, and Glow with Pumpkin

It's pumpkin season! Pumpkin latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin herbal tea, pumpkin monkey bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin chili (which was delicious!) pumpkin coffee… ok I think you get the point. I am going pumpkin crazy! Pumpkin is a delicious gift that is synonymous with the fall season and makes us feel warm inside. But as you guessed it, it has fabulous skin benefits! So before you throw away the flesh from that pumpkin that you just carved, read on!

Pumpkin is controversially a fruit that grows on a vine on the ground which allows it to soak up lots of the minerals and vitamins that are in the soil. It has ingredients inside it that freshen the skin like beta carotene which turn into retinol and vitamin A. It is rich in vitamin C and naturally contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), enzymes, zinc, magnesium, and even B vitamins which produce collagen. Pumpkin from the flesh to the seeds is great for anti aging and evening the skin tone for a glowing complexion. Vitamin C, Zinc, and AHAs are the main properties of pumpkin which benefit your skin in this way. 

Vitamin C
Ascorbic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that occurs naturally in the skin. As aging happens, the levels of vitamin C in the skin decline. Vitamin C in pumpkin can benefit the skin by topic or oral application. It reduces skin damage from harmful sun rays and can aid in quicker healing of wounds. Vitamin C literally fills in wrinkles, and reduces dry skin when taken as a supplement. Vitamin C communicates with the skins sells to produce collagen and fights with antioxidants for total skin health. 


Eating pumpkin seeds or “pepitas” gives the body and skin zinc which has rich anti inflammatory and immune boosting properties. What a mineral! Zinc plays a vital role in brain health and fights off bacteria. It has been linked to healing eczema and rosacea. Applying pumpkin seed oil or products with pumpkin as an active ingredient helps to heal and remove the scars of mild acne. It also is a natural sun protectant and can be found as the active ingredient zinc oxide in most sun creams. 


Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) 
These fabulous acids produce even skin tone by gently exfoliating the skin. The AHAs in pumpkin also help with collagen promotion, brighten the complexion and even skin tone. Natural AHAs are a gently way to exfoliate the gentle tissues of your facial skin when you prefer not to use a sugar or sea salt base. It goes to work on the dermis level of skin to rebuild collagen fibers that tend to break down as we age. Collagen production slows, it does not stop and AHAs can help to turn the clock back to faster production. 



How do you use pumpkin for your skin?

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