Secrets Revealed: My Beauty Routine From Head to Toe!

This week's blog post is a juicy tell-all! A must read exclusive about my beauty routine from head to toe and we are covering EVERYTHING! Thank you all so much for your interest. Everywhere I go to represent Bella I am constantly asked about my secrets and have usually been quiet… until now.

My skin is on my top list of priorities for total health. I monitor skin like a cardiologist monitors a heart. It is seriously a passion of mine. Women like Esther from the Bible and Cleopatra Queen of the Nile fascinate me! Besides them being prominent queens, these women were extremely gorgeous and used only natural products. Amazing! I constantly learn from them and I have a natural remedy for almost everything. If I don’t, just give me 10 minutes and I’ll have a solution to your problem!

When it comes to my routine, less is more. I have a few staple natural ingredients and I do not wear heavy makeup. With great skincare, you do not need to pile on. You may actually want your skin to be seen.  There a few ingredients I cannot live without that I talk about below: rosewater, coconut oil, turmeric, vitamin E, and kale. Yes kale. I am obsessed with kale and my body literally craves kale. Raw, organic Tuscan kale right from the stem. I eat it like a rabbit eats a carrot.  It is my favorite form of Vitamin A, and if you follow the blog, you know vitamin A is essential for glowing skin. These ingredients are good staples to always have around the house ready to remedy an issue.

My beloved Kale! Secrets of my Beauty Routine Revealed!

As I wrote this, I realize I can get a little extreme when it comes to my skin. I need certain flaws gone in a timely manner and I only use natural products/ remedies. I understand if you do not have time to do these things, do what works best for you. I just wanted to be as detailed as possible and give you a wide glimpse into my routine. Surprisingly, I multi-task through most of the remedies so they do not take much extra time. This post is almost three times as long as a usual blog post so strap in and let’s go!


My Beauty Secrets from Head to Toe


  • I pineapple (bend over and flip all of your hair on top of your head then wrap a scarf around to secure) my hair every night and use coconut oil to re-stretch anywhere my curls may have gotten smashed. I usually remove my scarf and shake out my hair letting it naturally fall back into place as I put on my makeup. I usually do not have to manipulate it much when I let it fall on its own. Depending upon your style with straight hair, you can also pineapple at night and shake and go in the morning.
  • When I wear my hair straight, even though it thrives in high heat (410-450 degrees), I still do this protein treatment before washing and my curls always bounce back unharmed.
  •  I use coconut oil for shine, to smooth flyaways, and as a heat protectant. Be careful! A little goes a long way!

If you use too much, don’t worry, powder or a powder based dry shampoo will instantly remove too much oil. Put it in your hands, flip hair upside down, pat throughout top to bottom, brush excess powder out and say hello to vava-voom volumized hair! Yes, this works on black hair.



  • My facial routine: wash with a coconut oil and glycerin based soap, tone with rosewater, and moisturize (still searching for / formulating the best one!), makeup, set with rosewater. 

Throughout the night sometimes my face gets oily after I wash off my makeup (weird because it is so dry in the morning) so I repeat the same routine and use rosewater as a moisturizer on my entire face and Silk Moisturizer only on my dry patches primarily on both sides of my nose.

  • For makeup I use a mineral based face powder as foundation, concealer under the eyes (I’m an entrepreneur- we don’t sleep) and to cover blemishes, blush, highlighter, eyebrow pencil, and mascara- my favorite makeup product! This gives me a fresh natural look that I wear every day. If I am in a hurry, I skip the concealer, and add highlight lightly under my eyes. It does the same trick!

I am Allison the founder of Bella Opulence, and these are the all of secrets to my beauty routine!

  • A Turmeric face mask is my LOVE! (Recipe here) I mask 2-3 times a week if my skin is really blemished or dull. Once a week is my usual. Lately I have been extending it down my neck and onto the top part of my chest. It needs to sit at least 30 minute to harden. Wear black or an old shirt. I usually have to wash my face twice after with soap, but sometimes I leave a little bit of the yellow tint on my face under my makeup for a super glow.

Fun fact: Your neck is the first place that shows signs of aging! Remember to moisturize it and treat it with the same care as your face.

  • I use a charcoal toothpaste for white teeth and I ‘oil pull’ with coconut oil for total mouth health, good smelling breath, and super white teeth.

Oil pulling is easiest in the shower because you do not talk, showers last about 5 minutes, you rinse your mouth out in the sink, and you are done! Multitasking at its finest.

  •  Isopropyl alcohol 91% is an acne zapper! Use it twice a day morning and night directly on the pimple only and it is gone in one day. Do this at the first signs of acne for best results. Moisturize lightly after because this will make the spot extremely dry.
  • A castor oil concoction rapidly grows my eyebrows and eyelashes. A little goes a super long way. It is also good for growing edges on your hairline, but it is very thick so wash your hair afterwards.



  • Vitamin E removes dark spots on your body. Careful with it on the face because it can cause acne, you pick at it, more dark spots, no bueno! This may take a while to see results, but it will completely remove dark marks, sun spots and scars in about a month. I use it before bed at night on the areas I want to vanish.

  • I use a coconut oil based natural soap (no I don’t make soap) to wash my body. Goat’s milk, oatmeal, shea butter, glycerin... all of these are great soap bases. I shy away from black soap because I have dry skin and it strips me of all of my moisture. I have heard great feedback from others however. Choose what is best for your skin. It will tell you if it is happy or not.

 I exfoliate because it is amazing and I usually use lotion and Silk Moisturizer because lately my skin has been dehydrated (needs water) and dry (needs oil). If I wait too long to moisturize after a shower and my skin dries, I moisten it with rosewater before I moisturize.

Secrets Revealed! My Beauty Routine from Head to Toe! Bella Opulence

  • I get dry patches on my skin, and sometimes they crack so no Pearl sea salt scrub! What to do? I Silk it like crazy. My last dry patch was on my right wrist at the base of the back of my hand. It came out of nowhere! I also could visibly see it. I’m not having that! After washing my hands I put on lotion and then Silk. Once the Silk set in, I “Silked” again. I moisturized it at least 5 times a day and the ugly dry patch was gone in about 2 days without exfoliation. Exfoliation is the quick and easy way to remove dry patches on skin without open wounds or cracks.



Spring/ summer are rapidly approaching! If you love 4+inches high heels like me, then you can get some serious skin buildup on your toes (corns!) The quick and easy way to get rid of them and scaly cracked heels is soak, scrub with a pumice stone or foot file, moisturize with a super thick layer before bed and wear socks while sleeping. It gives me baby soft feet the next day guaranteed!

Also vitamin E is an awesome cuticle oil that will always make your nails and toes look like you have a membership to the nail salon. Continue the thick layer of moisturizer, vitamin E on cuticles and sock routine and you will keep the dry dead skin away for longer.



Thank you for your interest in my routine!

P.S Do you see the dark spots on my hand and wrist in the gif above? Those are gone now thanks to vitamin E!



Did I miss anything? Do you have any questions about my routine or about skincare? Comment below!


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