3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Sleep Your Way to Your Best Skin Ever

Last week we learned that our bodies do a few thousand things while we sleep. Among these, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) provides serious skin benefits that fight lines, wrinkles, and oxidation of free radicals that can lead to the aging of our skin. If your skin does all of the work while you sleep, why do you still have acne, blemishes, dull, dry skin... why are you still showing signs of aging? That's a new wrinkle! Perhaps you haven't fully sipped from sleep's fountain of youth. There are a few things you should do at night before bed to maximize this powerful time for your skin that will produce immediate results. 

Bella Opulence 3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Sleep Your Way to Your Best Skin Ever

But First... 
If you have not had at least 4 hours of deep sleep each night for an extended period of time you can expect dull lifeless skin that tends to age quicker because it does not have the adequate time it needs to rebuild the collagen in skin or produce new skin cells. Research shows that sleep and skin repair are linked. Note: lack of sleep also affects your health and dismantles your ability to fight infection. For more info on what your skin does when you sleep, read last week’s post here.

Here are 3 incredibly easy ways to maximize your slumber and give your skin an extra boost while you sleep. 

Go to Bed with Clean Skin
This extends beyond washing the makeup off of your face. Cleansing your body before bed is a must. Your skin is your largest living organ and when put under a microscope evidence shows it is home to lots of living organisms as well. Cleansing  gets rid of the toxins and debris your body came in contact with during the day and the little friends that you don't want on your skin. Remember cellular repair and regeneration happen at night. When your skin is still soiled from the day (chemicals linger in the air and can seep through the fabric of your clothing) your skin is repairing under a layer of dirt that can clog pores and cause skin issues. 

Bella Opulence 3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Sleep Your Way to Your Best Skin Ever

A warm bath or shower can also relax the muscles and make you drowsy because of the temperature change. From hot bathroom to cool bedroom equal tranquility. If showers wake you up, incorporate essential oils or herbs in the bathroom that can aid in relaxation such as lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint


Moisturize Heavily
Lotion at night is an absolute big fat no-no! A richer moisturizer before bed such as Silk is essential. Such a moisturizer made with flowers that contain vitamins such as pantothenic acid (B5) retains water, produces energy, aids cells in regeneration and growth, makes cells multiply faster, and generate connective tissue to repair the skin. When you sleep, B5 helps to build collagen which keeps skin wrinkle free and literally boosts the functions that already happen while you slumber! Find B5 in the Lavender and Pure Vanilla Silk Moisturizers. 

A rich moisturizer before bed also protects skin from moisture loss during the time that you sweat at night when your skin is working in overdrive. When you sweat, you not only release toxins, but also moisture that can be lost if not locked in. This is the holistic key to anti-aging that I promised you in last week’s post! A rich moisturizer! It’s. That. Easy. 

Bella Opulence 3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Sleep Your Way to Your Best Skin Ever

Pro Tip: Apply a thick layer of Silk Moisturizer to feet before bed and then protect feet with socks. Repeat this for a week and say hello to the feet of a newborn baby. 


Set the Environment
Be sure your environment is conducive to sleep. Do you wake up often at night? Are you restless? Get rid of the myth of “I just don’t sleep well”. Create a space to sleep well. Make sure the room is dark. Do not fall asleep to your favorite late night TV show. The blue light from the television deeply disturbs the REM sleep cycle. The same is true for your phone and electronic devices. Turn them off. Close the blinds if there is a bright light outside your window, or sleep with an eye mask. Light tells the body’s clock to wake. Darkness tells it to sleep. 

Cool the room. Remember your body temperature goes through several changes at night. To fall asleep and stay asleep through the deep sleep cycle where skin regeneration happens, a cooler environment is needed. Your body cools, warms to the point of sweating, and then cools again. If you are uncomfortable in any way during this process, you disturb your sleep rhythm thus cutting the flow of your fountain of youth. Perhaps save those matching flannel pajamas just for the Christmas morning photos and opt for a lighter fabric to sleep in. 


How do you maximize your sleep?

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