The Effects of Stress on Your Skin: The Problem

This post comes to you straight from my experience. It is pretty personal and very vulnerable for me. Please don’t read it.

I contemplated writing this because I am a very private person and I DO NOT like to dwell on negativity. Why tell? No one understands and probably can’t help me anyway (my thought pattern). So I’ll just keep this strong woman mask on my face and rah rah! Blah blah. But after vaguely mentioning this (and I do mean vaguely) to some of my clients, I find we share some of the same issues with the effects of stress on our skin and have been searching for solutions… so let’s discover them together.

Everything goes wrong at the same time. 

When I become stressed I get SERIOUS blemishes. The life and color in my face completely go away. Acne appears out of nowhere on my face and body (bacne) and to make matters worse, they leave scars and dark spots! On my face, chest, shoulders and back… just tell the world that I’m a ball of nerves right now why don’t you! Stress rashes are all over me! I woke up one morning last week and was taken aback because I looked dead. My face was gray. My under eye area and my lips were so dark, almost black. I didn’t recognize myself and laid the concealer on thick that day because I’m sure I had a Pop Up shop! I couldn’t hide the blemishes on my chest. 

How can I sell these beauty products if I can’t keep my own skin under control!? *Negative self talk, don’t do that!* 

So let’s talk about this. *sigh* This has been a challenging year for me. I have set some pretty lofty objectives… that I know I can achieve! While some of my goals work out flawlessly and I amaze myself, some have been derailed, crashed and burned causing some serious emotional [and skin] damage. On top of that, my personal life has had challenge, after challenge, after challenge, after challenge…. friends, family, or the lack there of… it has been a really trying and lonely year. Needless to say, my eating habits are a mess, sometimes I forget to eat, I ask myself, “did I drink water today?” … And so my face and body is complete out of whack (That’s a technical term). All while putting on a big smile to push this brand and attempting to mask the balled up girl inside of me who just wants to go back to bed. Wake me when it’s over. 

Bella Opulence Stress Post

Get to the root of the cause. 

Fighting stress naturally is not as weird and uncomfortable as it seems. Natural stress relief is getting a mockingly bad reputation and I believe it is due to a lack of understanding. Holistic healing simply means getting rid of the effects (lifeless skin, stressed skin, rashes caused by stress, acne, blemishes) from the problem (stress, poor eating habits, ball of nerves, doubt, fear) for good without the use of medication. Most medication only treats the symptoms, causes side effects, and does not get rid of the root cause. There is no point to treat or conceal your acne and the other effects when your stress will only cause it to appear again. 

Let’s attack the built up stress instead and the stress skin rash, dull skin and acne will go away. I say built up stress because let’s be honest. We are woman! Bionic! Can do all things- at the same time, try me! A little stress is nothing. “I can handle that” you say, so you pile more on. By the time we realize we are stressed, we are usually stressed to the MAX and are approaching a breakdown. 

I broke down, but I am getting back up and I refuse to be bitter. Perhaps that’s what sparked me to write this. When a share little details, I get the weight off of my chest and inflate a little more just like a balloon that almost ready to stand tall. I am restoring my hope and optimism because negativity only brings more stress. Next week (The Effects of Stress on Your Skin: the Solution) I will give some tips on how to reduce your stress and completely heal its effects. Different skin types respond to stress in different ways, and we will cover it all. This week, I needed to vent and let you know you are not alone. Thanks for listening.

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