Chamomile: Clinically Proven to be More Than Just Tea

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This Labor Day Weekend, we will be giving 15% of all purchases to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In addition to, we will be sending products. There are many displaced people who may not have the basic necessities they need. They fled from their homes searching for higher ground and grabbed what they could leaving the rest behind. I believe that a moment alone with a simple body care product will make a woman very happy and allow her a meditative moment in light of this disaster. For every product that is purchased, we will give a product and 15% of proceeds. Help us help those affected. 

Bella Opulence Chamomile Flowers

This week's topic on how to keep your skin health and happy naturally is Chamomile!  We have especially enjoyed the green foliage and beautiful flowers! Whats even better than seeing the beautiful flowers? You are so right. Having the magic whipped right into your skincare.

Chamaemelum comes from the Greek word ‘χαμαίμηλον which means "earth-apple”. It received this name because of the apple-like scent of the plant. It is one of the most widely used and well documented medicinal herbs in the world.

Chamomile was used in Ancient Egypt as skincare by Egyptian noblewomen. It was also considered a sacred gift and used as one of the main embalming oils for Pharaohs. Years later, Chamomile was used by the Greeks and Romans in medicine, drinks and as incense.

Today chamomile is used to heal skin conditions and wounds, settle upset stomach, aid in sleep and many more.


Clinically Proven
Chamomile has been tested in clinical trials to look into its effectiveness in skincare. In German studies using a chamomile cream or ointment, the "earth-apple" was found to have an effect that was 60% as active as 0.25% hydrocortisone when applied topically. In another trial, chamomile was effective in reducing dermatitis following a single application of sodium lauryl sulfate, without the side effects.


Around the Home
Roman chamomile tea is a remedy for insomnia and headaches. It helps to calm the senses, induce sleep, helps to reduce migraine headaches, and cures anxiety.

Is chamomile in your skin care routine?



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