31 Reasons Why You Should Use Turmeric

There are a few grand ingredients that I love and that I must never run out of. Coconut Oil, my essential oilsrose water, and turmeric! If you haven’t used this superfood miracle, I am sure that you have at least heard of it. Turmeric comes from the southeastern region of Asia and India in a beautiful flowering plant of the ginger family. Even though I love a good curry with lot of spice, there are so many other fantastic reasons and ways to incorporate Turmeric into your routine for healthy glowing skin and optimal health. I found about 120,000… but I decided to cut that down to 31 so that you would continue to read my blog. 😏 *nervous laugh* 


31 Reasons Why You Should Use Turmeric


Why You Should Use Turmeric 

  1. Superfood that heals/fixes about everything 
  2. Comes from the ginger family (another amazing superfood!) 
  3. Contains circumin which is an antioxidant and anti inflammatory 
  4. Reduces inflammation and soothes skin leaving no trace of it behind 
    Fact: most skin issues are due to inflammation 
  5. Anti bacterial- fights cancer and disease (especially skin cancer and stomach cancer) 
  6. Reduces skin redness and irritation 
  7. Gets rid of acne and its scars! 
  8. Heals wounds (like acne scars and skin damage) 
  9. Gets rid of eczema and psoriasis! 
  10. Brings your skin back to a natural glow
  11. Boosts your immune system 
  12. Boost memory 
  13. Fights diabetes and heart disease 
  14. Anti aging 
  15. Reverses sun damage 
  16. Whitens teeth 
  17. Promotes hair growth 
  18. Lowers cholesterol levels 
  19. Promotes weight loss 
  20. Soothes the stomach 
  21. Improves digestion and natural bowel movements 
  22. Relieve aching muscles and joints 
  23. Anti-itch 
  24. Find it in any grocery store in the spice aisle

    31 Reasons Why You Should Use Turmeric

    How to Incorporate Turmeric into Your Routine 
  25. Sprinkle a little on your toothbrush with your toothpaste for an extra whitening boost. Will stain your toothbrush. Set aside toothbrush only for this treatment. 
  26. You can also mix turmeric with baking soda and a bit of coconut oil to make your own paste. Will stain your toothbrush. Set aside toothbrush only for this treatment. 
  27. Use my face mask recipe for glowing skin, acne blasting, and scar soothing super power. 
  28. Use our Lemon poppy Pearl exfoliator which contains just a dash of turmeric to deeply clean your pores and restore glowing skin in just one use! P.S. the turmeric amount in Pearl will not stain your skin 🙂 
  29. Use it to spice your food. It is delicious on chicken, rice, eggs, vegetables, your morning smoothie, of course curry, soup, hummus, or even sprinkled on salads. 
  30. Add 1 tsp to your deep conditioner and massage in to promote hair growth. Avoid if you have blonde or light colored hair!!!! 
  31. Make a turmeric paste from turmeric and aloe vera gel to relieve severe itching. Leave the paste on until itching subsides and then wash off. Choose a towel that you don’t mind getting stained with its golden hues

How do you use Turmeric?


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