Is Wealth Attracted to You?

Being attractive gets you more money. This is a simple fact that has been proven in science, psychology, beauty, schools, and in the workplace.  Whether you are advancing in your career or just getting started, taking the next step in your business, or preparing for retirement, these undeniable truths and tips will advance you far in life and make you more attractive to wealth- literally.


Bella Opulence Attractive to Wealth Blog Post

Because being attractive boosts confidence! Period. When you are more confident you perform better. Studies have shown that attractive people are considered to be social, dominant, mentally healthy, and intelligent amongst others. Research also shows that good-looking people were less lonely, less socially anxious, more popular, more socially skilled, and more sexually experienced than unattractive people. (psycnet.apa.orgThese traits that are associated with attractive people are the traits that earn more money. Whether it is on a job, a small business or a Fortune 500 company.

Bella Opulence Attractive to Wealth Blog Post

It is similar to the perception that people who wear glasses are more intelligent than those who do not. It becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy (for some) because those who wear glasses may read more and have a higher level of knowledge. Others simply cannot see. This is equal to how beautiful people are treated with precedence and given more attention; therefore some have a higher level of confidence and perform better which secures them more money.

How to become attractive to wealth in two simple steps...

 Take care of your skin!

A well groomed person can earn as much as 12-20% more than their counterparts. That lovely dress and your makeup that perfectly defines your complexion are great accents, but what is going on underneath? Are you silently self conscious about what is going on with your skin? It is summertime; would you dare wear those sandals? Are your feet ready? Does that eczema flare up keep your jacket on all day?

Bella Opulence Attractive to Wealth Blog Post

Do you know the #1 way to make your skin instantly radiant? EXFOLIATE. It instantly softens and clears dead skin to show those radiant new skin cells that were trapped underneath. It also removes the excess dirt and oil from your pores that your soap may miss or even contribute to that cause acne (on your face and body). Add this step 1-2 times a week into your shower routine to get and maintain your soft smooth skin.

Bella Opulence Attractive to Wealth Blog Post

 Follow up with a great moisturizer. The summer sun may trigger more oil production in skin, but the cool air conditioning can cause it to dry out. With this change in climate a few times a day running in and out, you want a moisturizer that is rich, yet lightweight. We recommend Pearl Body Polisher and Silk Moisturizer. These are simple steps that have been proven by our clients to deliver more radiant and soft skin giving your confidence an instant boost. 

Bella Opulence Attractive to Wealth Blog Post

But it’s more than how you look, it’s how you feel.

Be confident.

It is one thing to look confident, but being confident is one of the most attractive ways to present yourself. How is your body language? Are you standing tall shoulders back?  Or is there a slight hump in your back? Imagine there is a string attached to the top of your head gently pulling you up. Stand as tall as comfortable and then roll your shoulders back and drop them. You don’t want to look tense.


 Do you make eye contact while speaking? (it’s ok to blink and look away, don’t be creepy…)  The key is to engage. Don’t look down and don’t fidget. This sends subconscious signals to the other party that you are nervous and cannot handle business.

Bella Opulence Attractive to Wealth Blog Post

 Think positive thoughts. Stay with me. Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and everyone notices them? They don’t say a word, they just enter and everyone notices and gravitates in their direction. They have a special attractive aura surrounding them. It’s because they believe in themselves and have a healthy internal self-talk. How you think and what you feel about yourself is self-talk. Confident people believe they are beautiful, capable, confident, and deserving of good things. The human mind is a powerful thing and picks up on this!  This is the special “mystical power” that some people have that others don’t. It is as simple as a healthy relationship with self that attracts others.


 Whether you think this is right or wrong, you cannot deny the truth.  We live in a visual world and are attracted to attractive people. Are you attractive to wealth? Is wealth attracted to you?

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