Bella Opulence Lavender Silk Luxury Clean Beauty All Over Body Moisturizer
Bella Opulence Lavender Silk Luxury Sothing All Over Body Moisturizer
Bella Opulence Lavender Silk Luxury Soothing All Over Body Moisturizer
Bella Opulence Mini Silk Luxury All Over Body Moisturizer travel size variations
How to Apply Bella Opulence Silk Moisturizer
How to Apply Bella Opulence Silk Moisturizer

Silk Moisturizer: Lavender Mini

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"I just love Lavender Silk, it smells and feels wonderful. One of my favorite products"

-Easther W.

Antioxidant. Anti-pollution. Anti-Aging. Vitamin Rich. Collagen Stimulating. Relaxing. Luxurious Silky. 

All Over Body Moisturizer

Wrap skin in a luxurious blend of herbal and floral oils for a rich moisturizing experience with a non greasy feeling. Lavender flowers and Madagascar Vanilla Bean are whisked into a moisturizing oil cocktail of sweet almond and vitamin E. Soften skin while basking in aromatic scents derived from pure essentials oils. Also available in Citrus, Pure Rose, and Pure Vanilla. For best result, use Pearl Softening Skin Polisher first. 

How to Use

After bathing, apply desired amount to entire body from head to toe. Use 1-3 minutes after stepping out of the shower while skin is still damp for best results. A small amount envelops the entire body in a smoothing floral cocktail with a non-greasy feel. Use daily for softer skin that glows from within.

Keep Silk Below 75°F.

Top Benefits

  • TSA Approved .5 oz Travel Sized. Great for Purses and Use as a hand cream.
  • Vegan Moisturizer
  • Soothes dry itchy skin
  • Melts in your palm once warmed and stretches over your entire body
  • Gentle hydration will help to smooth initial wrinkles and creases and strengthen skin against the elements
  • Skin remains youthful and plump
  • Rich infused oil of lavender and vanilla bean packs skin full of antioxidants and B Vitamins maintaining healthy looking skin
  • Contains antioxidant rich infused oil and butters
  • Essential oils lavender soothes the senses and irritated skin on contact
  • Packed with triglycerides to increase hydration and reduce water loss
  • Repairs skin tissues and rejuvenates cellular health

Key Ingredients

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.