In the heart of the natural revolution in 2012 our founder Allison began researching natural ingredients and developing natural products. At this time she had an epiphany that led to a shift. “I began eating better and reading the labels of everything that touched my body internally or topically. If it did not reveal nutrition facts or a complete list of ingredients, I did not eat it or apply it to my skin.”

“There are so many ailments running through my family from hypertension to eczema to sensitive skin to allergies, you name it!” Through her research she learned and understood that the synthetic ingredients we eat and apply to our skin contribute to these ailments and can even be carcinogens. She was determined to break her generational cycle.  Through the years as natural products launched by the hundreds and she was thrilled and then quickly disappointed. “Natural products were… blah. Very earthy and plain. Some even had a stench.”  And thus Bella Opulence was born. “I set out to offer products that contained no harmful or synthetic ingredients, fluff or fillers, but that were luxurious, aromatic and effective.”  

Bella Opulence is infused with Organic Floral Herbs and 100% USDA Certified Organic Raw Unrefined Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. The herbs and oils are gently blended, sealed and stored until the key nutrients are fully extracted. The result is a potent nutrient rich oil that transfers the healing properties of the flowers to your skin. This process is completed before producing the products and takes an average of 1,033 hours.

The ingredients we choose are rigorously inspected for quality, carefully selecting those that are certified organic.  We use NO artificial ingredients down to the fragrance which are 100% essential oils.

Our Mission at Bella Opulence

To BE the Gold Standard of Luxury Organic Beauty offering Completely Clean [Non-Toxic] Products through Floral Infusions; Inspiring Women to be Confident, Totally Healthy through Education, and Elegant Without Compromise. 

Cruelty Free                                                                          NO Artificial Fragrances

Organic Ingredients                                                               NO Synthetic Ingredients

Gluten Free                                                                           NO Parabens

Plant Based                                                                           NO Petroleum/ Petrolatum

Handmade with Love                                                            NO PEG's

 Floral Infused                                                                       NO Mineral oil 



*Pearl Body Polisher and Silk Moisturizer are vegan products