About Us

Bella Opulence Founder Allison In the heart of the natural revolution in 2012 I began researching natural ingredients and developing natural products. At this time I had an epiphany that led to a shift. I began eating better, I chopped off all of my chemical filled hair, and I began reading the labels of everything that I put in my mouth. I was beginning a chemical free lifestyle. I was so proud to say I only ate natural and organic foods! I was in college and was way ahead of my time. If the label did not reveal nutrition facts or a complete list of ingredients, I did not eat it. Period.

At this time I was working at Walgreens in the cosmetic department. I had a very large linen closet in my bathroom that had no linens. Not a towel. Only cosmetics. Everything from lotions, to soaps, face creams and masks and scrubs... it was my favorite part of the bathroom! I remember a specific holiday season that my mom and sister came to town and went "shopping" in my 'linen' closet for their Christmas gifts. They each took about 5 items and there was still plenty left!

 One day I decided to read the label of a moisturizer that was in this closet. Several things happened: 1. I could not pronounce and I did not know any of the ingredients besides water and glycerin. (And what in the world is Natural Fragrance?) 2. I found that some of the ingredients were linked to cancer/ disease/ infertility. 3. These ingredients were banned in other countries! 4. I was sick to my stomach. What did I do? I threw out my ENTIRE beauty 'linen' closet. I committed to only using products with non-toxic ingredients. This should be simple since I was already eating clean. I could not find natural products!!! I was thrilled once I found some, and then quickly disappointed. The scarce naturals did not work for me, still contained compromising hidden ingredients, and/or were just blah. 

What do I do now? I made a decision. I knew that I could create beauty products that were pure, luxurious, aromatic and effective. I did not know where to start so I set out on a research and development journey that would take 5 years and thousand of experiments, mishaps, and just plain absolutely not’s. The research I found changed my life forever. I studied flowers and learned that they treat and heal skin issues instead of treating the symptoms. I studied oils and the methods of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. I went to the Bible and studied Esther's beauty treatment that prepared her for the king and instantly got her chosen. I studied FDA journals and scientific publications. 

This compiled knowledge led to the creation of Bella Opulence, a bath and body collection made from organic flowers that heal and nourish the skin while delivering a luxury enjoyable spa experience in your bathroom each and every day. And here I present it to you.

Bella Opulence is infused with Organic Floral Herbs and 100% USDA Certified Organic Raw Unrefined Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Through our proprietary infusion process, the vitamins and nutrients from the flowers that heal the skin are fully extracted. The result is a potent nutrient rich oil that transfers the healing properties of the flowers to your skin.

The ingredients we choose are rigorously inspected for quality, carefully selecting those that are certified organic.  We use NO artificial ingredients down to the fragrance which is 100% essential oils.


Our Mission at Bella Opulence

To BE the Gold Standard of Luxury Organic Beauty offering Completely Clean [Non-Toxic] Products through Floral Infusions; Inspiring Women to be Confident, Totally Healthy through Education, and Elegant Without Compromise. 


Cruelty Free                                                                          NO Artificial Fragrances

Organic Ingredients                                                               NO Synthetic Ingredients

Gluten Free                                                                           NO Parabens

Plant Based                                                                           NO Petroleum/ Petrolatum

Handmade with Love                                                            NO PEG's

 Floral Infused                                                                       NO Mineral oil 



*Pearl Body Polisher and Silk Moisturizer are vegan products