Recent Revelations

Hi I am Allison, and after recent discoveries, I am correcting my story. 

Everything is natural. Plastic is natural. Some are derived from cellulose which is plant starch, natural gas and/ or crude oil. Petroleum is natural; it is refined crude oil that comes from deep within God’s green earth.


What we as humans do is use what God has given us to refine, mend, and create what we desire. We have a responsibility to do this with care. Nothing is truly man-made. Everything is God made. We are given the tools to create what we desire, but the base came from the earth in some form.


What remains true is that certain chemicals should not enter the body or be used on the skin. This is a way that we can take precaution and it is simply through knowledge. We must know what works for us.


Here is where Bella is different. We promise Organic ingredients that have not been compromised. 


Plastic is not evil. Manufacturing companies that create synthetic chemicals are not evil.  Petroleum is not evil. I find it works wonders on my hair and seals in the nutrients that cause it to grow, however my skin does not prefer it in its purest form. Parabens once served a purpose until we knew better. Sulfates work for some people.


What I now realize I will repeat again. Everything is natural and is derived from the earth. We take what God (mother nature if you prefer) has given us and compound them into what we desire. We have a responsibility to do this with care and use our compounds with wisdom and safety according to our preference.


The formula and premise of Bella Opulence will remain unchanged. Our products are formulated from Organic flowers using a few Organic ingredients that benefit the skin with no added chemicals. The purpose of this is simply to say I, Allison no longer demonize complex chemical compounds because everything is from God’s green earth, and I thank God for it. ♥  


Thank you for reading, now for my background...