• Lavender Cream


    Milk Bath Soak

    After a long day imagine yourself in your private quarters relaxing in a creamy milk bath full of fragrant lavender flowers. Certified organic coconut oil and dried oats soften bath waters while oil infusions of lavender and Madagascar vanilla bean add soothing properties. The scent relaxes your mind as the Epsom salts wrap around your muscles and gently relieve the tension. The Lactic Acid in milk quietly exfoliates to remove the dead skin while working with the oats to add the moisture back into your skin. Lavender flowers finish this pleasureful powder-to-cream bath addition. Also available in Pure Rose.

    How to Use:

    Draw bath at desired temperature and sprinkle Cream into tub waters. While soak is dissolving, swirl as desired to distribute evenly.


    ·   3-in-1 dissolving soak with infused oil

    ·         Bath soak

    ·         Milk bath

    ·         Floral bath tea

    ·         Antispasmodic lavender flowers relax and soothe tired muscles on contact

    ·         Boost tranquility, relax weary limbs and encourage a good night’s sleep leading to improvements in cell renewal, microcirculation and active skin repair

    ·         Lavender essential oil relaxes the mind

    ·         Infused oil packs your skin with healing properties, b-vitamins, tannins, triglycerides, antioxidants, and rejuvenating properties for healthy skin that is slow to age

    ·         Ground oats moisturize skin

    ·         Epsom salts soothe skin

    ·         Lactic acid in milk gently exfoliates skin and deeply moisturizes